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the Fine Arts

Kunstfreunde Zürich makes a significant contribution to the arts by maintaining and furthering the high standards of quality at Kunsthaus Zürich. The association's own collection, in combination with the Young Art Group, comprises over 650 works. These were acquired in close coordination with Kunsthaus Zürich and made available to the collection on permanent loan.


The Gift
of Passion

The association’s traditional contribution is often supplemented by monetary donations and gifts. A number of historically relevant works have been donated to Kunstfreunde Zürich by private collectors, patrons, and renowned artists like David Chieppo, Urs Fischer, Katharina Fritsch, Henry Moore, Peter Fischli, and David Weiss.

These gifts significantly contribute to the splendor of the collection. Kunstfreunde Zürich would like to thank all donors for this meaningful tribute and support.

Young Art Group

new Talent

The Young Art Group (Gruppe Junge Kunst) at Kunstfreunde Zürich is committed to actively promoting the contemporary young art scene and paving the way for young, undiscovered artists. In just a few years, these dedicated members have successfully acquired classical art forms such as paintings and sculptures, as well as installations, photographs, and videos for the collection. The group’s achievements provide a fresh source of motivation and inspiration at Kunsthaus Zürich.

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