Our Board

The board consists of at least five members who are elected for a term of three years. Re- election is possible once a term has expired. The director of Kunsthaus Zürich is an ex officio member of the board. The board is responsible for all matters of the association, insofar as the general assembly is not responsible. The board is self-constituted, regulates the signing authority of its members, and may appoint further committees.

Currently the board consists of the following members (as of June 2019):

Gitti Hug (President)
Franz Albers (Treasurer)
Dr. Thomas W. Bechtler
Martina Vondruska
Walter B. Kielholz
Elisabeth Oltramare
Dr. Herbert J. Scheidt
Dr. Conrad Ulrich-Bibus
Dr. Burkhard Varnholt
Dr. iur. Christoph von Graffenried
Dr. Christoph Becker (ex officio)

Financial Auditors

The general assembly elects two financial auditors for a term of three years. Our current financial auditors are (as of June 2019):

Dr. Hans Bollmann
Conrad P. Schwyzer

General Assembly

The general assembly meets annually and is convened by the board. Its duties include:

  • Electing the board, president, and financial auditors
  • Approving the report from the board and annual financial statements
  • Resolving on the acquisition of works of art
  • Resolving on amendments to the statutes and dissolution or merger of Kunstfreunde Zürich